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Calcium carbonate for paints and coatings

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is commonly used in paint and coating applications.  It is used as an agent to either reduce or enhance gloss, a cost-effective filler, an extender / spacer for titanium dioxide, a rheology modifier and as a paint and coating additive to densify the product.

Also, with the use of our ultra fine calcium carbonate range that has been activated by treatment with a chelated paint dispersion, this can significantly increase the paint’s color intensity and reflection. In Aqueous paints, the typical amount of Calcium Carbonate to use in a mix is 20-30%.


  • High Brightness
  • Large Surface Area
  • Controlled Particle Size
  • High stability
  • Correct formulation
  • Easy to use

Other Industrial Applications of GCC

Ground calcium carbonate is also used in the paper, plastics, rubber, caulks, and sealants industries. The favorable properties of GCC include high whiteness and brightness, low hardness, and outstanding rheology in water systems. Our range of GCC is known for its excellent purity and consistency and is available in a variety of grades, making it suitable for numerous applications.

Calcium carbonate for paint

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