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Dental Grade Calcium Carbonate

We produce 4 high quality Calcium Carbonate grades for dental pastes. Our high purity dental grades are E170 certified, meaning that it is suitable for human consumption.

The main benefits of calcium carbonate are that it gently helps remove debris from between the teeth and removes surface stains, allowing your teeth to look and feel healthier. Calcium Carbonate also supports healthy enamel to strengthen teeth.

Being an entirely natural product, our Calcium carbonate is a popular choice for international dental paste manufacturers.

The most popular products we supply to the dental industry are our M1 (5 micron) or V/40S (30 Micron) grades. Samples are available on request.

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Our M1 (5 micron) or V/40S (30 Micron) grades are popular in the dental industry.  Your are welcome to try it.

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